Think of how happy your clients will be when they find out they may be able to improve their credit profile because we report to a major credit bureau.

At Wilshire Consumer Credit, our goal is to provide businesses with the ability to offer more loan options for their customers. Our Auto Equity Loan Program compliments your current loan options by providing higher-limit loans to customers with valid titles to their vehicles.

The WCC Partner Advantage:

    • Wide range of interest rates.
    • All customer credit types can be approved with proof of income
    • Large Loan Amounts – Up to $50,000 in California
    (state regulations apply in other states)
    • Flexible Terms 

    • Build Customer Loyalty – White label our product
    to build your brand

As a partner of Wilshire Consumer Credit you will be
able to provide your customers with the cash they
need at competitive rates with affordable monthly payments.